• The first Platform for all Models: ARIS, Sparx Enterprise Architect, Visio and more...

    • Enterprise Search for Models
    • Linking and Analysis of models of different tools
    • Collaboration in the Context of
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  • Global Search

    All models, all versions, all formats: A Google like search experience provides relevant information within milliseconds.

    Hit List

    The hit list displays all relevant model elements and diagrams. You may easily jump to the detailed view or directly access a diagram from the hit list.


    Predefined filters help to apply constraints to the hit list and hence search more precise.

  • Diagrams

    Diagrams are displayed one-to-one as in the modelling tool. The selection of individual model elements in the diagram will show the information associated with the element in the details area.


    Diagrams can be linked to other diagrams across all models and tools. This allows you to navigate throughout the Model Warehouse.


    smartfacts identifies not only all models and formats, but also all versions of a diagram or a model element.


    Diagrams and model elements can be commented on. Subscribe to comments and edit them from your own point of view.

  • Model Explorer

    The model explorer is used to arrange models, model spaces and folders in a tree structure.

    Detailed Information

    In the details area, you can find important information for the folder or the model. This section also displays all imported versions of the models.

  • Comments

    Write comments concerning specific model elements and collaborate with your colleagues based upon models.


smartfacts - the collaboration platform

Discover a new dimension of information efficiency!
Absolutely unique!

  • All tools. All models.

    Multiple tool models are integrated to produce a comprehensive image of your business architecture.

    Launch your process, data and architecture models regardless of the tool format on a single web-based platform. With smartfacts, all of your models will be easy to find and reuse, e.g. ARIS, Sparx Enterprise Architect, Microsoft Visio, and MID Innovator.

  • Search. Find.

    Finally, the model data are retrievable throughout all the tools: smartfacts is Google for your models.

    A high-performance search engine allows a Google-like search for models. Thus, you can search for model details on processes, data structures and architectures through the entire organization - a quantum leap in terms of transparency and information efficiency. Valuable details of your models are now stored and available at all times.

  • Communication. Collaboration.

    Faster due to model-based collaboration.

    Make the models the basis of collaboration and coordinate the improvements  within a team across the company, whatever tools and formats are used. Comment on single details and stay up-to-date through notifications.

  • Modify. Reproduce.

    Innovation processes are more efficient than ever.

    Define dependencies across all model formats. The result is an entirely new perspective in the form of cross-model impact analyses and reports. Ensure transparency with regard to important relationships from a functional and technical perspective. Implement efficient business-IT alignment.

  • Anywhere. Any time.

    Handling model data in an agile manner.

    Models are available to anyone, any time - whether in the browser, on the tablet or the smartphone, in the modeling tool, or in Eclipse: You always have access to all model versions and thus support the agile approach of your development team: Faster, more accurate and less error-prone.

  • Good. Better.

    Get the most out of your modeling tools.

    smartfacts offers all its capacities within your familiar working environment. You want to quickly browse through the history of a specific diagram in Eclipse, Enterprise Architect or Visio? We've got the answer!

  • Investment protection. Consistency.

    Protecting previous investments with smartfacts.

    Valuable information and IT assets which required a lot of time, effort and money to obtain remain available at all times - even if you have decided to maintain your models using a different tool in the future. They are independent of formats and tool manufacturers.

Smartfacts - All Models. All Tools. One Platform.



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