Process users

are presented the processes that are relevant for them in smartfacts for Business Process in their valid versions. Regardless of prior knowledge, the process contents can be easily found and are presented in an easy-to-understood manner.


Process owner

can evolve and improve their processes together with stakeholders within smartfacts for Business Process, for example, by conducting reviews and executing release workflows.


BPM Manager

can organize the company’s process landscape with smartfacts for Business Process and keep track of important topics such as quality assurance and compliance.


Process designer

can use integrated functionality to model their processes or import processes modeled in their existing tools. Existing process maps can also be easily integrated into smartfacts for Business Process.

What our customers and partners say


Alexander Thomas,
Senior Territory Advisor Quality & Efficiency
BNP Paribas Real Estate

“smartfacts provides a unique combination of cloud-based content delivery with an interactive social collaboration platform and integrated gamification elements. This is real innovation, which is unparalleled in the market.”

smartfacts for Business Process can be used on any device