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New Unique integration Capabilities for Matlab Simulink

smartfacts is one of the leading publishing and collaboration platforms for Matlab Simulink. But more than that it provides unique integration mechanisms with other tools, such as Rhapsody, MagicDraw, Visio, Enterprise Architect, etc. And finally, smartfacts is THE universal gateway into the world of IBM Jazz for linking model artifacts with Jazz artifacts.

One global tree for all models

The global model warehouse tree carries all your model-based content. Any model that is published from Matlab Simulink to smartfacts is part of the global model warehouse tree. You may publish a model as a new model or as a new version of an existing model. smartfacts handles versions extremely efficiently. You may store many and large models in many versions.


A user who publishes a model to smartfacts is its model owner by default. Model owners can grant other users or groups of users model ownership or visibility. Visibility can be defined on model level as well as on version level.

Search and navigation

The “My Content” window allows to identify model artifacts in various ways. Use your personal favorites or history, the search engine, navigate or leverage analysis mechanisms to identify diagrams or model elements. 

Linking and Referencing Matlab Simulink Artifacts and Jira Issues

The world’s first full blown OSLC CM provider for Jira including delegated UIs allows to conveniently add bidirectional links between versioned Matlab Simulink artifacts and Jira issues. You also reference any versioned Matlab Simulink artifact from within any Jira description or comment. Delegated UIs of the Jira issues and Matlab Simulink artifacts show the link target in both tools.

Versions and Version Comparison

smartfacts provides a powerful version comparison functionality across four levels: Model, diagram, property and value. It highlights all diagrams that have been changed between two versions. It colors all elements of a diagram that have been added, deleted or changed. It highlights properties that have changed in a multi-version property grid and it compares valued via a text diff.

Manage Links Model to Model

You easily add links between two artifacts visually independent of the authoring tool where these two elements are maintained. Links can be defined in appearance, direction and behavior. The behavior defines whether and in which direction the link participates in the suspect mechanism. Elements set to ‘suspect’ due to changes in linked elements are added to a suspect board.

Managing Links Model to Requirement

Links between DOORS Next Generation requirements of a module and model elements can be added visually by loading the requirements module into smartfacts and adding the links visually. These links are OSLC links. The link targets can be consumed via delegated UI in DOORS Next Generation, smartfacts and in Matlab Simulink.

Integrating Matlab Simulink artifacts with IBM Jazz

You add links between Matlab Simulink artifacts and IBM Jazz artifacts (e.g. DOORS Next Generation, Quality Manager or Team Concert) from within Matlab Simulink or within smartfacts or from within the Jazz applications. Link building supports global config management enabled or disabled.

Integrate Matlab Simulink with Rhapsody and Simulink

Having added a link allows you to seamlessly navigate from within the Rhapsody editor into any other model artifact. So, you can open any link target within Matlab Simulink, even if it is a Rhapsody or Simulink model. You may even open the Rhapsody model tree inside Matlab Simulink, pick a diagram and open it in Matlab Simulink independent of tool or format.

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