Easy & Web-Based

Leverage Model Content Independent of Tools

Which IBM Jazz applications are supported and how?
smartfacts aims to be the perfect gateway into the world of IBM Jazz for all non-Rational modeling tools like MagicDraw, Enterprise Architect, Matlab Simulink, Innovator, Integrity Modeler, etc. The smartfacts – Jazz integration allows to build and maintain OSLC links from any Jazz artifact to any artifact of the mentioned modeling tools. Both scenarios, global config management enabled and disabled are supported. Links can be added in the Jazz applications, in smartfacts as well as in the modeling tool and link targets can be consumed in all three perspectives as well via delegated UIs.
How does the integration with Jira work?

We have built the first full blown OSLC CM provider for Jira. This addon which is only installed on the Jira side allows to manage bidirectional links between Jira issues and OSLC artifacts. This scenario is especially designed for the use of bidirectional links between Jira and IBM Jazz (Rational DOORS Next generation and Rational Quality Manager artifacts as well as Rational Team Concert work items). In addition, the addon allows to add unidirectional references from Jira text fields (description or comment) to any of the above-mentioned artifacts.

Is there a way to write my own addons?

The smartfacts web application is based on an extensive REST layer. We have published this REST layer, so you can use each function to implement your own application based on REST.

How about pricing?

There is a price per user and month independent of the number of tool formats you would like to use. 

What are the prerequisites for running smartfacts on premises?

Usually a machine with 64 GB RAM, 500 GB solid state disc, Debian linux, docker and access to an LDAP directory is sufficient for a professional start. Of course, a growing number of models might require adoptions.

How are models published to smartfacts?

We provide a plugin for every tool that is supported by smartfacts”. You use a convenient wizard to publish your model as part of this plugin.

Does smartfacts have a governance model?

Yes. For each model and each version individual users or groups of users can be granted ownership or visibility rights. Only those users that have ownership or visibility rights are able to find artifacts, are able to navigate to artifacts in the global model warehouse tree, are able to follow links to artifacts, etc. So, every hit list of a search is your personal hit list. 

Can I edit models with smartfacts?

No. smartfacts is a publishing platform. Everybody keeps working in his or her tool of choice. When you come to a point where you want to share your model with others, collaborate and perform analysis on it, then smartfacts is the ideal platform to do that.

What are the deployment options?

You may use smartfacts as a SaaS cloud service from MID or installed on premises. For the installation on premises you will need an LDAP adapter.

What are the core benefits of smartfacts?

No matter which modeling tool you use. Whenever you want to share your model with others, smartfacts is the perfect platform to do that: Easy access, model governance mechanisms, collaboration, linking information independent of tools and powerful analysis can be done on smartfacts.

How fast we will realize an ROI?

Usually you maintain models already in some of the well-known tools like MagicDraw, Rhapsody or Innovator. So, the content is already there. You want to leverage its value and improve engineering efficiency? You just publish your models to an instance of smartfacts on day one and instantly benefit from easier access for your colleagues, governance mechanisms, collaboration functionalities and analysis features.

Which tools does smartfacts support?

Modeling Tools: 

  • ARIS (Software AG)
  • Enterprise Architect (Sparx)
  • Innovator (MID)
  • MagicDraw (NoMagic / Dassault Systems)
  • Matlab – Simulink – Stateflow (The Mathworks)
  • Rhapsody (IBM) – Available soon: Visio, ERwin

Collaboration Platforms:

  • Jira (Atlassian)
  • Confluence (Atlassian)
  • Stackfield (Stackfield)

ALM Platforms:

  • IBM Jazz including
    • Rational DOORS Next Generation
    • Rational Quality Manager
    • Rational Team Concert
    • Rational Global Config Manager
    • Rational Model Manager

Global Config Management can be enabled / disabled

Is there a limit in size and number of models?

No. smartfacts is a scalable web application which is structured in docker containers. Every component can be scaled individually. smartfacts has proven good performance for models with more than 1 Mio model elements and more than 50 versions.