Jira & IBM Jazz

  • Bidirectionally link DOORS NG, RQM, RTC
  • Unidirectionally reference in addition Enterprise Architect, Innovator, MagicDraw, Rhapsody, Matlab Simulink, Excel and more via smartfacts
  • Link any number of OSLC sources with one issue
  • Link globally configured artifacts in IBM Jazz using any number of global config servers
  • Use “Structure” by ALMWorks for issue selection
  • Best Price Guarantee: We undercut any official offer of a similar product by 25%
  • Free installation support

Generic Delegated Select UI in Jira

  • One UI allows to build links against any OSLC domain (RM, AM, QM, CM)
  • Link into globally configured IBM Jazz resources
  • Use any number of global config servers
  • Efficiently build multiple links from one issue into the same DNG module

Delegated Select UI in IBM Jazz

  • Select link targets from a Jira project
  • Select link targets from an ALMWorks “Structure”

  • Linked Jira issues are consumed via delegate UI in IBM Jazz
  • Navigate to the linked Jira issue with one click

View IBM Jazz artifacts in Jira via Delegated UI

  • Linked IBM Jazz resources are consumed via delegate UI in Jira
  • Linked visual models (Enterprise Architect, MagicDraw, Innovator, Rhapsody, Matlab Simulink, Excel) are consumed via delegated UI in Jira
  • Navigate to the linked resource with one click

Add unidirectional references into any description or comment

  • Reference visual models from tools like Enterprise Architect, Matlab, Rhapsody, Matlab Simulink via smartfacts
  • Reference ExcelSheets via smartfacts
  • Reference any IBM Jazz artifact