The Challenge

IT projects can involve large, interdisciplinary teams. This leads to siloed information as a result of tool variety, information overflow and media discontinuity. Managing innovation efficiency and change becomes especially challenging under these circumstances.



Our Solution

smartfacts unifies documents and models independent of tools on a single web-based platform to foster easy access, collaboration, cross-model traceability and powerful analytics. You can continue using your tools of choice, such as ARIS, VISIO, and Enterprise Architect, to build and maintain models – smartfacts allows you to share, collaborate and gain an overview and information consistency of all your models.


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The Benefits


Easy web access to all models

Complete history of versioned modes from various tools like ARIS, Enterprise Architect, Innovator, MagicDraw, DOORS, PowerDesigner, PowerPoint, VISIO and many more as well as the standards XMI, ReqIF and BPMN2.


Effective collaboration

Chats, discussions and reviews in the context of models.


Tool and content type independent traceability

Efficient management of dependencies of models, requirements, documents, and other configured items independent of tools.


Powerful analytics

Version comparison, suspect links and impact analysis independent of tool boundaries.


Tight integration with your tool of choice

smartfacts power is available right within your tool of choice through a seamlessly integrated plugin. Various integrations with PowerPoint, Word, Visual Studio, and more.

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Q & A

smartfacts is THE platform for sharing model based content. No matter if you are a business analyst, a program manager, and IT or enterprise architect, the digital dna of your business is accessible easily and independent of tool on one web platform.

Currently we support Adonis, ARIS, Erwin, Enterprise Architect, Innovator, PowerDesigner, PowerPoint, Signavio, VISIO as well as the standards ReqIF, XMI, BPMN2. We continuously work to extend the list. We will cover all well-known tools.

Basically there are two ways: For some tools we have built plugins that provide a little wizard by which you upload your models. Other tools’ models get imported by a file upload. You find the details here:

No. smartfacts is a publishing platform for model based content and documents. You cannot change models or build new models as of today.

You might want to reference to a diagram from within Word or PowerPoint. By using the smartfacts plugin you can easily add diagrams to your document and keep it up to date, e.g. change the version or participate in a smartfacts conversation.

No. smartfacts does not limit the size of individual models, however it will take longer to import larger models.

There is no limit in the number of versions you publish of a model.

Most customers use smartfacts on our multi tenancy public cloud. You may also choose the self-hosted version and run smartfacts on premise. That requires two virtual machines.

Yes, the smartfacts webapp has been developed based on a layer of REST services. We publish these services in a REST API. You may register for a new project and get the details here: